this blog will also b on hiatus until i return on august 17

but i really do want to continue to keep track of how im spending this year and all the fun/cool/happy things i do this year so i will try to keep a journal over the summer and i’ll scan tht when i get back ok cool see u all in 8 weeks :*

June 14 -16

  • lots of soccer
  • watched butch cassidy and the sundance kid
  • finished oitnb
  • lots of shopping

June 13

  • watched a bunch of soccer
  • went to my grad dinner

June 9 - 12

  • caught up on sleep
  • went to my other aunt’s house
  • went to ikea (got a hotdog)
  • went home
  • went downtown for the ahj/phoenix concert
  • got to rail and saw ahj again
  • got the phoenix concert setlist
  • made friends w/security and saw one of the secuirty from the haim show
  • got my hair done for graduation
  • started re-packing for camp
  • graduated from college
  • went to my favourite burger place
  • watched more oitnb
  • watched the soccer game
  • watched non-stop

June 5 - 8

  • went shopping for camp supplies
  • had a pretzel bagel 
  • went home and finished packing for camp
  • went up to camp and listened to the Wicked soundtrack
  • met a v cute guy (who i will b spending the next 8 weeks with)
  • met the rest of the camp crew
  • lots of cooking
  • went to the beach and listened to music
  • helped cute boy build a turtle house and played with his dog
  • cooked breakfast
  • came back home
  • slept so much omg 

June 3 & 4

  • my dad’s birthday
  • watched the wolverine and catch me if you can
  • helped to cook dinner
  • bought some herbs and flowers
  • did some gardening
  • made some real good nacho dip

June 2

Called my doctor and got some info I needed
Ran a whole bunch of errands
Hung out with a bunch of hot cops
Got a burger and fries from this lil shop near my aunts house and the guy who made my food was a really cute grandpa who was v sweet

June 1

Vaccuumed and cleaned the bathroom
Cooked lobster w/my bff
Filled out a bunch of stuff for work
Watched a couple eps of desus v mero

May 30 & 31

  • did some yoga and pilates
  • watched lego movie
  • my dad got back from halifax and brought me a lobster
  • more yoga & pilates
  • did laundry

May 29

Ate outside on the patio (#summer but not actually)
Had a really good salad
Watched a movie
Hung out with a bunch of family