Apr 21 & 22

  • did an easter egg hunt for my bb cousins
  • more easter dinner
  • did laundry

Apr 20

Easter dinner
Baked a cake

Apr 19

Congratulatory graduation dinner
Rewatched s1 breaking bad and pacific rim

Apr 17 & 18

Went job hunting w/my cousin
Went to five guys then dimitris for dessert
Scandal finale

Played just dance
Got another job offer

Apr 16

  • last day of college
  • took celebratory shots in class
  • mum bought me toffee from california and mini chocolate eggs

Apr 14 & 15

  • painted my cousins room
  • watched the graduate

Apr 13

  • did some gardening
  • cooked dinner
  • watched lots of bad tv 

Apr 8-12

  • finished all of my exams and i think i did v well on all of them :)))))
  • ive literally been working on school nonstop stuff for the past 5 days thts why i neglected this blog im so sorry
  • oh and i watched rosemarys baby

Apr 4-7

  • wore my new jeans and they were super cute
  • won a coffee
  • contributed a lot in film class
  • cleaned my house
  • had a bunch of family over
  • went to my award ceremony and had lots of great food
  • studied for wine class tomorrow

Apr 3

  • bought mens jeans to diy into shorts
  • bought a bomb ass burrito